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253 years have passed since the establishment of the Grand Alliance of Elloriand and Enond Dominion’s failed conquest of Elloria. In a counter-offensive, Elloriand forces took over Aern'Tal, an island (and city of the same name) off the southwestern coast of Enond, in order to keep a watchful eye on the Dominion and hopefully thwart any renewed aempts at expansion to the south. Aern'Tal was under the Dominion's rule for centuries before Elloriand took over, and is said to have once been the last bason of the elusive wood elves.

Now, aer more than two centuries of peace and no perceived acvity from the Dominion, the city of Aern'Tal, ruled by the lord general Armirand and the Council of Guilds, serves primarily as a marine trade hub between Elloriand and the northern lands of Niamarin and Argolin. Aside from traders, Aern'Tal aracts the occasional scholar interested in researching its peculiar history, as well as those looking to enjoy the island's laxer law enforcement. Military presence has been dwindling over the last century, leaving only the city guard and a few small troops garrisoned at nearby outposts.

You're on a ship bound to arrive at Aern'Tal in a few hours, aer an almost four-week journey from Paleport. Before embarking on the journey, word has reached you of a strange magical phenomenon affecng the island. No one could say for sure what it was; some say it is a curse cast upon the island by the vengeful wood elves, while others swear it is an opportunity to unearth magical treasures. 

Foundry Virtual Tabletop | 0.7.9